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Japanese Boxwood
Hybrid Tea Rose (selections)
California Sycamore
Japanese Boxwood

Common name:Japanese Boxwood
Botanical name:Buxus microphylla japonica

Japanese Boxwood is often used as a hedge. It is compact, with small bright green leaves. It can reach 4'-6' tall and wide or be kept smaller through pruning. It can be sheared to shape. It does better in areas with milder winters.

Hybrid Tea Rose (selections)

Common name:Hybrid Tea Rose (selections)
Botanical name:Rosa Hybrid Tea varieties

These shrubs and vines are the most loved in the Western USA and are very resilient. They come in a wide variety of sizes and colors and are easy to maintain with proper care. They can be used in a water-conserving garden with careful attention to irrigation practices.

California Sycamore

Common name:California Sycamore
Botanical name:Platanus racemosa

The California Sycamore is a fast growing deciduous tree that reaches up to 40'-50' high. It tolerates heat, smog, as well as moist conditions; it is native to riparian areas. It can be drought tolerant once it's established if there is a high water table. It has interesting mottled bark when the tree is bare in winter. Leaves in fall are gold, red and orange, creating litter. It is beautiful all year round.


Garden A 3

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Soils and Compost:

Maintain a two to four inch layer of mulch on the soil surface to reduce weeds, infiltrate rain water, and reduce compaction.

Integrated Pest Management:

Develop healthy soil for plants that are vigorous and naturally pest-resistant.